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FRU#9 Festival of contact improvisation, dance and music (Poland - Lodz) (28.04.2016 19:00 - 03.05.2016 18:00)

FRU#9 28th April - 3rd May 2016 - Festival of contact improvisation, dance and music

(Poland - Lodz)

Before us Teachers Sping Edition!


Like every edition of FRU Festival, ninth one is also pretty unique. This time spring will bring a record number of teachers, who will come to us to celebrate and to share the knowledge about contact improvisation and other useful information that comes from other forms of movement/dance. We're planning three workshop's blocks a day: the morning one that contains CI classes, afternoon one with inspirations for CI, and the last one where the knowledge from previous classes will be gathered by CI teachers and used in this capacious, open to experiments dance technique [inspirations: aikido, capoeira, tango, contemporary dance, improvisation]. Moreover in the programme: one of a kind jams of improvisation – dance and live music, but not only. As usual at FRU, we won't miss unique performance evenings and tradition surprises. Let's FRU – for the ninth time!

We open the option of partial participation !

----> the closing date for submissions to 20.IV. on kijogroup@gmail.com


JAM - 20 PLN

Workshop - 50 PLN

Cardio JAM - 40 PLN

Performance - 10 PLN

Dinner (2 meals and snacks) - 20 PLN

Accommodation - ask the organizer about availability - 20 PLN


CI block: Kama Jankowska Kama Puma, Iwona Olszowska, Maga Radlowska, Sebastian Flegiel, Pawel Grala, Jacek Owczarek, Michal Ratajski, Filip Wencki
Inspiration block: Modelo Aneta Zwierzynska (Capoeira), Adrian Bartczak (contemporary dance), Piotr Nowakowski (aikido), Pawel Skalski & Magdalena Wlazel (tango)
CI for kids: Kasia Gilgenast

Aleksandra Chciuk, Martyna Jagodynska, Sylwia Walczak, Kuba Krzewinski, Piotr Matula, Witek Rejnsz, Witold Kacper and more (update soon)

>>>FRU#9 in numbers:
27h of workshops
22h of jams
14 teachers
X musicians
5 jams
6 days and 5 nights
3 performance evenings
1 „Cardio JAM”

>>>Accommodation for the first 20 people who fully complete registration and pay full price into given account.

>>>During the festival we provide delicious two-course dinners, snacks and tea/coffee (24h)

707,00 PLN (full price until 30.III)
770,00 PLN (full price after 30.III)
[There is a possibility to pay into two installments: 1st one: 400 PLN until 30.III, 2nd one: the rest of the price until 14.IV.

[to register go to 4th point of the regulations]
[for all participants who took part in at least 4 editions of FRU Festival – 15% discount]
[for previous FRU Festival teachers – 50% discount]
[discounts do not sum up] 

1. FRU FESTIVAL is non profit event that assumes social activity and as the only one is fund fully from the participants payments – it means you all. That means, in order for the Festival to take place it is essencial for us to confirm your full payments. Your spot on the Festival will be confirmed after the payment of the entire amount. Your quick payment will allow us for the professional preparation of this event.
2. The organisers reserve the right to call of the Festival (full refund) in case of not enough participants able to fund FRU Festival.
3. In case of resignation until 14.IV Organisers refund half of the price. After 14.IV there will be no refunds – please consider your decisions. It is connected with our financial duties towards our partners and signing up agreements need for the Festival to take place.
4. To register to FRU Festival you need to send us fully completed application form to our e-mail address: kijogroup@gmail.com and pay the full fee into given account (write to us, register and we will send you the account number).
5. FRU Festival in designated for people over 16. If you are underaged send us written parential consent (with id number and telephone number of your warden).
6. Organisers do not provide with the health insurance. Please take care about it on your own.
7. Organisers do not issue an invoice or bill – via 1st point in the regulations. For special request it is possible to aquire a certificate of participation. 

Link to the registration form: docs.google.com/forms/d/1NTv4tAsAdKgPknVWTWrbbXfYLYp09QwtXTKCx83jZQA/edit
[In case of any technical difficulties e-mail us on: kijogroup@gmail.com, we will send you a registration form as a .doc file.]

>>>FRU Festival Mission:

To spread knowlege about contact improvisation as a dance technique.
To develope Polish Platform of communication and cooperation of contact improvisation teachers
To maintain the highest level of teaching and profesionalism
To constantly push the boundries
Go forth to meet Humility

FRU Festival supports the creation of Polish Dance Scene – your participation really matters and is a grate help for this idea. Early payments are essential for the FRU Festival to happen. Thank you for you support and understanding the idea of FRU Festival.


*link to event: web.facebook.com/events/971783772897964/

>>> place of FRU Festival: Zachodnia 54/56, Lodz - Poland

>>>Organizer: KIJO Group

>>>Partners: Akademicki Ośrodek Inicjatyw Artystycznych, Fabryka Sztuki, Teatr CHOREA

>>>Media: TEATRALIA – online magazine theater (www.teatralia.com.pl)

>>>Contact us:


Come and dance with us!


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